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Why Does Britney Spears Keep Posting Apple Emojis?

Why Does Britney Spears Keep Posting Apple Emojis?

Let's cut straight to the point, Britney Spears is cooking up some new music, and the rumors and Instagram posts (not the quote ones) are hinting at it being named 'Apple Pie.'

Saturday (2nd June) I awoke with a groggy head from too many slimline Gin & Tonics and was GAGGED to see Britney teasing something new (please let it be something more worthwhile than that Kenzo campaign). 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.11.49.png

For those of you who don't follow the Princess of Pop on Instagram (big mistake may I add), Britney has been nonchalantly posting the Apple emoji as far back as October 2017. Initially, the stans just thought "Oh its Just Britney being Britney" "She probably thinks its cute" etc. However when the excessive Apple Emoji use didn't stop...the speculation grew. 

There have been a TON of rumors surrounding what the Apple Emoji means; a residency in New York, a Broadway Show, Apple Music partnership, a new perfume 'Apple Fantasy' (tbh that will probably still happen). But the one that had the biggest snowball effect was 'Apple Pie' a new song (or project name) that was apparently coming soon. 

According to reliable twitter sources (lol @ reliable), the song was initially a 5th Harmony track, and Britney jumped on it to make it a collaboration but as you know that Apple fell from the tree and Fifth Harmony broke up (Camila Cabello power) and so Britney took the song for herself. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.10.31.png

To make matters even more suspicious the producer of Britney's last lead single 'Make Me' tweeted an image of himself with subtitles saying 'Down to my core' with the...you guessed it...apple emoji. At this point, Britney fans were already debating what the fuck was going on - is this all a coincidence? Is this Pretty Girls 2.0 (please god no)?  Or is Britney prepping a new smash?

Adding more apples to the pie, Britney said she would be adding songs to her sold-out Piece of Me tour, but no one knows if this means she is adding existing back catalog (please give us 'Overprotected' or 'Hold it Against Me' SIS). With the Britney Army being certified FBI agents they managed to track down the location Britney has been shooting at (its the same one as Gaga's Paparazzi) and according to them...a release date of June 21st...

We can see it now, Britney serving a twist on the classic 'American Beauty' rose petal scene but instead, she's lying on a bed of apples as she sings the words "Babayy, want to take a bite? Of this Apple Pie, so nice. Take a slice". 

We are shooketh to the core, get ready for our Summer Jam - Apple Juice here we come!

Who the hell bit Beyonce?

Who the hell bit Beyonce?