How to Play:

Pop Chumps is a super easy game that can be picked up in a matter of seconds.

The player to the dealers left starts by picking the category and reading out its score (E.g. Runway Realness: Rating 69). The other players then read out their sickening scores from their front card. The hunty with the highest score wins and collects all of the cards played in that round and places them to the back of their deck. The winner of the round then picks the category from the top of their pile (and so on). 

If two or more players have the same score, you're going to have to battle it out. All cards are placed in the middle and the same category is read out from the next card in each players stack. Winner takes all, the other must sashay away. 

To win a game, the player must acquire ALL of the cards from the game. 

To make the game extra fun add some tequila shots for extra pleasure.